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We Dive Deep into the Best Rising Talent and Hidden Gems Who’Ll Make for Sound Investments in FIFA Ultimate Team.

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We dive deep into the best rising talent and hidden gems who’ll make for sound investments in FIFA Ultimate Team.

When a new FIFA game comes out, the transfer market is a strange place. Stats are based on last season, and people will still be buying the biggest stars in order to make the best team the fastest way possible.

But what if you had a cheat sheet from somewhere, perhaps people had studied the form, the stats, and analysed who would become worth decent coins because they are due a good season. What if there were players you didn’t even know were good, because you’re too busy buying Özil and Griezmann? Luckily for you, we’re here with a bit of inside advice that may not only help you win games, but help you make bank further down the line. Go on, you’re welcome.

The Legends we want in FIFA 18

There are some incredible players in the game already, but it’s time EA added these geniuses.



How PES 2018 can beat FIFA 18

With the groundwork from 2017’s game already laid, Konami’s long-standing football game has the potential to be king this year. 

Gianluigi Donnarumma (Milan)

At 18 years old, it’s perhaps a shock that Milan’s goalkeeper is in this list. But given that his FIFA 17 original card started out with an overall rating of 76 before the winter update saw him rise to 78, with two team of the week cards throughout the season, it’s likely his stats are going to rise again for FIFA 18, and at such a young age, we wouldn’t be shocked to see them get an update later in the season as well. If you can find him cheap (his base card is around 2,500 currently), or pack him, you absolutely must keep hold of him. Donnarumma is a player whose stock is constantly rising, and if you get him, he’ll make you coins later on.

Demarai Gray (Leicester)

As a silver card, you might be thinking “why would I want him?”, but there’s a chance his stats will be upgraded for FIFA 18 and he’ll become gold. Right now his shooting and passing is low, but in the season just gone he scored an incredible goal against Manchester United which will surely help his shooting stats go up. He’s likely to have a better season this coming term, too, so grabbing him early before people realise how tasty he is means you can sell him later when his value is high, especially when you consider we’ve found him with a Buy It Now price of 2,000 coins.

Wendell (Bayer Leverkusen)

As a highly rated left back for around 2,000 coins, this Brazilian-born player is still improving. But the key to his price going up is that he plays in the same league as Aubameyang, and people are always building Bundesliga teams around that player. Once people start to cotton on, his price will go up. You might not make tens of thousands, but you’ll make a profit on this lad eventually.

Emre Mor (Dortmund)

Just like Demarai Gray, Mor is currently a silver card. Incredibly though, he went from a Bronze to a Silver in FIFA 17 which means his silver card goes for 5,000 coins already. At 19 years old he’s obviously still improving, but that’s a rapid rate for any player. Currently sat on 87 pace and 84 dribbling, this right winger is going to get more and more expensive. Pop him in a team with Wendell (above) and Aubameyang (if you can afford him) and play with him until he hits a good selling price.


The FUT players that could make money

Lewis Cook (Bournemouth)

Another silver player who might just make it to gold in FIFA 18. Cook has been at Bournemouth a while, and despite the popular opinion constantly being that they are going to be relegated from the Premier League, they’ve now become a stable mid-table team. This’ll mean that few will look to them for bargains, but you can grab Lewis Cook for 2,000 coins or so and realise that, at 20, he’s another one who's getting better and better.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen started last season as an 83 (which you can still find for under 4,000 coins) rated card and ended up with a Team of the Season La Liga card that goes for a whopping 70,000 coins at time of writing. While you can’t pack or buy that card next season at the start, most people will give up on the chance of packing a TOTS card, and go back for the original card, because it still has good stats. There’s no telling what he’ll be worth at the start of FIFA 18’s life, but grab him anyway, because his value won’t go down for a while. A short term investment, but even if it goes wrong, you’ve got one of the best keepers.

Charly Musonda 

One of the numerous Chelsea players who has never actually played for Chelsea, but has gone out on loan. Musonda is a wild card because you cannot predict what team he’ll be playing for, and thus how well he’ll perform. As a 77 rated left side midfielder he’s going to be a low risk investment, but with 88 pace and 83 dribbling (in FIFA 17) there’s the potential he could suddenly skyrocket in value as an affordable quick, skilful player. We bought him for 1,000 coins, and adding a Hunter consumable will increase his speed even more. Bonus!

Inaki Williams 

Our last tip is a young right winger who has been scouted by Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City. His FIFA 17 stats have him at an outrageous 92 pace, with shooting, passing, and dribbling all in the 70s range. If he does get a move to English football, he’ll likely start at a higher price anyway, but either way, we think Williams is a player on the up who could, with an overall 80 rating, easily add to your squad for around 2,500 coins and sell on in the future.

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